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What is Inflatable Furniture

As the word inflatable implies, this type of furniture is not made of solid wood or stone. This is made of plastic or any light metal that can be molded according to the taste and desire. Usually, air is filled in plastic to manufacture this bouncy furniture still other light things are also filled in this furniture to give it a concrete texture. Furthermore, the inflatable furniture is sprayed with different colors so that it becomes difficult to differentiate between ordinary furniture and the inflatable one. Initially, it was made to be used on the water surface and for kids’ safety, but now it has become more popular among the modern man who needs the economy with precision. Owing to its cheaper prices and unique designs, inflatable furniture is the brand innovation and status symbol in the present world. Either it is a chair or sofa or bed or a footstool, this air filed furniture has its benefits and peculiarities. So, if you are low in the budget or want to save the fatigue of shifting heavy furniture from one place to the other, hyperbolic furniture is the right thing to choose. It can help you clean your house more efficiently because you may easily lift with your one hand and mop the floor with a vacuum cleaner conveniently. Mostly the setting of your room remains the same for years just because heavyweight furniture is difficult to move. You do not have to wait for your friends and family to help you out with a new set of your house. You only have to think of a design idea and quickly move the furniture according to your original plan.

How they Invent Inflatable Furniture

The history of inflatable or elastic furniture goes back in the 1960s when an inflatable sofa was displayed from Quasar Khan collection was presented in France for the first time. Although the experimentation started earlier in the 1940s by America, yet the proper introduction came out in 1967. In fact, it is a weird history full of strange advancements and gradual betterment. With the founding of Haus-Rauker-Co., the idea of construction changed altogether and new architectural conceptions. In the same year 1967, the first mass-produced inflatable chair also came into existence. The chair was named as ‘Blow.’ The name blow was given because the chair was made of plastic filled with air blown into it through a pipe. It got popular worldwide and covered the title page of various magazines. The creators of the chair were Jonathan De Pas, Donato D Urbino, Paolo Lomazzi and Carla Scolari. Made by the Italian manufacturer, Zannota, the chair was labeled as a perfect thing for travelers and transient dwellers. It was just easy to carry when inflated, easy to handle and could be placed in less space as desired. It earned fame due to its convenience in making and keeping.

After the tremendous success of inflatable chair, the inflatables became a constant center of concentration for the inventors and experimenters throughout the century. The exhibition of Structures Gonflables in 1968 gave a new dimension to the inflatables. This exhibition in Paris was big success exhibiting unusual inflatable structures and an inflatable pavilion with a variety of inflatable furniture. Then, Quasar Khanh introduced inflatable chairs, sofas, lamps, and tables in the same year. She called this blow-up furniture ‘Aerospace.’ Aerospace got popular and was distributed all over the world for its irresistible advantages.

The 1980s brought innovation to the manufacturing of inflatables.  IKEA, a world famous company, stepped into the world of inflatables and introduced sofas, daybeds, and armchairs in their style. They covered the inflatable furniture with fabric to make it look beautiful and elegant just like ordinary furniture. Their furniture was according to the theme and color of the room and house which gained even more attraction. The furniture looked costly and was cheap. This was advantageous, but it also had some issues of deflating.

Due to issues by IKEA, inflatable furniture suffered defame and lost attraction since it was not up to the mark. It used to deflate at any time and the result of discomfort. But inflatable furniture returned in the 1990s to gain its seat once more. Though it suffered the same headaches of being extra lightweight and soggy yet young experimenters did not lose their hope for the betterment.

Tehila Guy introduced ‘Anda’ a king of an inflatable chair in which she fixed the inflatable cushions into a wooden frame. That seemed to remove the issue of discomfort and was a better thing to use. A Chesterfield sofa was made by a Dutch company, Blofield that was even more promising.

And then a 30 seated inflatable sofa was introduced that had racks to support the whole frame of an inflatable. It could easily be used for a garden party or studying in the outdoor environment. It was light to drag and had stiff racks to avoid it from deflating and causing inconvenience. Inflatable furniture was innovative and is still creative enough to attract the attention of the people in every age and era. Its zero weight capability can never be denied.

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Why should you order inflatable furniture? What are its benefits

Inflatable furniture has its own prominent advantages owing to its cheap rates and lightweight:

  • Since it is not all or partially made of metal so it is very light on your pocket
  • It saves It save your time as it is convenient to adjust in a room
  • space
  • It is kids friendly and saves them from a severe injury while their playing hours
  • It is easy to move and shift so you can easily pick it up and remove the dust from your floor
  • It is very favorable if you need to buy furniture for a transient or temporary house
  • It does not require polishing or dying time to time like ordinary wood or metal furniture
  • It is utterly free from moth and other rusting drawbacks
  • Modern techniques have made it durable and long lasting
  • It fits precisely with your interior decorations
  • It is perfect for an outdoor party or gathering
  • Its bouncy surface leaves you satisfied and relaxed
  • Kids can safely play with it without getting hurt
  • No danger of robbery since it is cheaper than heavyweight metal furniture
  • It can be easily packed in a bag and can be carried anywhere in time of an emergency

You can easily take a paint brush and paint your favorite design on it without ruining the surface at all

Precautions, things to keep in mind while using Inflatable Furniture

  • Since it is inflatable make sure it is of good quality so you may not face deflating issues in future
  • Keep it away from heat
  • Avoid placing heavy things on the inflatable furniture such as metal or iron
  • Avoid pinching or making any design on it with needle

Try to use it with care

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