Fitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump – Air Pump for Inflatables with Needle for Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Football, and Sport Ball Inflation – 2 Additional Inflating Needles

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The hand pump you want to inflate all of your balls and inflatable toys. With dual action pumping mechanism, a compact and portable design, and three included needles that work for all of your balls and toys, the Fitness Factor pump is affordable and effective. SPORT BALL MAINTENANCE – Keep all of the balls in your life full for better performance. Whether you are a coach, athlete, parent, yogi, or fitness enthusiast, this pump can help you maintain the balls you use for leisure, work, and play. The three included needles work with basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs as well as fitness, yoga, balance, and exercise balls. DUAL ACTION HAND PUMP – For more efficient fill-ups, the pump features a dual action pumping mechanism that delivers air to the ball as you push and as you pull. No want to break into a sweat before you’ve even started playing. NEEDLES INCLUDED – This hand pump comes with 1 needle already installed and 2 additional needles for when you lose or break one. Plus, the protective soft cap covers the needle when it’s not in use. SMALL, PORTABLE & ERGONOMIC – At a mere 8.5 inches, the Fitness Factor Ball Pump fits in your pocket or your gym bag for convenient portability. The go back and forth cap protects the needle when it’s not in use. The handle is designed for the way that real people hold hand pumps and has a textured, soft, rubber handle that fits comfortably in your hand for an intuitive grip. 1 YEAR WARRANTY – Fitness Factor guarantees your purchase for up to 1 year so as to ensure customer satisfaction and product performance. Sign up for our 50,000+ satisfied customers who have determined to do sports and fitness the right way with Fitness Factor products. – Small, Portable 8.5″ Hand Pump – Works With Most Sports Balls – 3 Needles Included
Sport Ball Maintenance: Inflate your basketball, volleyball, football, soccer ball, speed bag, rugby ball, and other sports balls.
Dual Action Hand Pump: Pumps twice as fast for more efficient inflation. Don’t tire yourself out whilst inflating your balls & toys!
Needles Included: Your pump comes with an already installed inflation needle and 2 extra pins in case one pin breaks or gets lost.
Small & Portable: A soft cap keeps the needle from breaking so you’ll throw it in your athletic bag and hit the road without worrying.
Lifetime Warranty: Fitness Factor guarantees your purchase so as to ensure customer satisfaction and product performance.

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