Timber Creek Inflatable Lounger, Blow up Couch, Air Sofa, Hammock, Portable, Use Indoor or Outdoor to Hike, Camping, at Beach, Picnics, Festivals, Backyard, Lake


Timber Creek is a US company providing superior quality products to you for your exploring and relaxation needs.

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Timber Creek is a US company providing superior quality products to you for your exploring and relaxation needs.

1. It is quick and easy to inflate, made from a durable ripstop nylon material to give protection to against rips and tears. No air pump required. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and even floats on water.

2. Enjoy your exploring and relaxing time with Timber Creek Air Lounger wherever you go. Whether you are outdoors or indoors, this inflatable lounger is perfect for camping, hiking, the beach, pool, music festivals, watching fireworks, hanging outdoors or relaxing inside.

Timber Creek Premium bundle features:

1. Multi-layered materials: lightweight, hold air for hours.

2. Pillow headrest: ergo-friendly pillow shape.

3. Carry bag: carry your lounger whilst traveling – just unclip the end to deflate, roll up, and place back into the easy carry bag.

4. Securing loop and anchor stake: keep your Timber Creek Air Lounger stable and safe in case of windy days.

5. Bottle opener: enjoy your soda or favorite beverage wherever you go.

6. Pockets: for all of your essentials; phone, tablet, book, magazine.

Inflating Instructions:

1. Remove air lounger from the carrier bag. Fully unroll the air lounger to allow it to fill with air.

2. Open the mouth end momentarily with both hands as you quickly move the bags forward through the air. At the end of the forward motion quickly close the mouth end to trap the air inside. Repeat the process if necessary until desired fullness (works best on windy days).

3. Roll the mouth end of the air lounger until you get a desired amount of fullness (minimum 3 rolls recommended).

4. Fasten the clips together at the mouth end to trap the air inside. Then place your stake into the ground to keep in place.

5. Your Timber Creek Air Lounger is ready for you to enjoy!

EASY INFLATE DESIGN, LIGHT WEIGHT & PORTABLE – No pump required. Just pull into the wind to fill up with air to inflate then clip shut, and this inflatable air lounger is ready to go. The light weight design makes this product easily portable and ideal to grab and go on picnics, festivals, the beach, skiing, hikes, camping, backyard relaxing and more.
DURABLE MATERIAL – It is made of a durable nylon ripstop material like used for parachutes to prevent tearing and ripping; it holds up to 400 lbs per lounger to reinforce many sizes and even multiple people at the same time. It may be used on many terrains such as grass, beaches, snow, and more.
CARRY BAG, LOOP, STAKE & BOTTLE OPENER – A carry bag allows you store and carry the air lounger conveniently wherever you go. The design includes a stake with built in security loop to firmly safe your air lounger in place even on a windy day, and a bottle opener that is handy that will help you calm down anywhere you wish to have to go.
COMFORT WITH ERGONOMIC PILLOW – Timber Creek Air Lounger has a pillow design that gives your back and neck reinforce for maximum relaxation and comfort. You’ll be able to be supported by the air filled lounger, like floating on air.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – You’ll be able to get a 100% satisfaction guarantee to let you buy your new air lounger with confidence. We are sure that You’ll be able to be satisfied with your purchase. Timber Creek currently does not authorize any other sellers on Amazon to sell the Timber Creek brand products. Only products sold directly by Timber Creek are included in this guarantee.

0/5 (0 Reviews)


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